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Portable Chargeable Showerhead

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The portable outdoor shower converts water from a sink or bucket into a stable shower, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable shower outside.
With two pump heads, blue nozzles for showers and white nozzles for car washes.
Rechargeable design (any rechargeable with USB port), 2200mah large capacity, USB charging, no need to worry about running out of battery.

With the hook settings, you can safely hang on top of your head and save effort.
Small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Wide range of applications, suitable for travel, hiking, camping, child bathing, pet cleaning, car washing, hiking, etc.


Material: ABS & Rubber
Color: Blue
Output: 2.5L/Min
Voltage: 3.7V
Power: 25W
Battery: 2200mah lithium battery
Hose: 1.5cm diameter, 2m length
Cable Length: 2m
Water Temperature: no more than 45℃
Package Size: 30.5 * 28 * 7cm / 12.01 * 11.02 * 2.76in
Package Weight: 900g / 31.75oz
Package List:
1) Pump
2) Shower head
3) USB charging line
4)  Holder
5)  Hook
6) Suction cup
7)  Hose


1. Prepare a 5V 2A charger, charge the shower battery through USB interface, and then use it.
2. Connect the water pipes and accessories, prepare a bucket of clean water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 45 ℃), and put the water pump into the bucket (it must be put into the water instead of empty burning)
3. Adjust the height of the nozzle and fix it in a suitable position.
4. Press the start switch of the water pump and turn on the power directly to drive the water pump.

Matters needing attention:

1. You can't use hot water. The water temperature is below 45 degrees.
2. Use after first full charge.
3. After filling, you need to screw the cover and then put it into the water.
4. You can't burn it empty. 5. After use, throw clean water, wipe clean and maintain properly.

Portable Chargeable Showerhead
Portable Chargeable Showerhead

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