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Home Pull-up/Chin-up Bar

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Perform a variety of exercises: pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg rises, sit ups and crunches! It is easier to add more variations as you become stronger. Induce some hypertrophy in those muscles anywhere, anytime as long as you have a door frame or a corridor. Frequency & volume are the keys to massive hypertrophy & keeping myostatin low (not to mention increased dopamine, androgens & androgen receptors, myo-nuclei & satellite cell proliferation)

✅ Pumps & Gains Anywhere, Anytime? Check
✅ A Bar That Gets Safer The More Pressure You Put On It? Check
✅ No Screws, Drills, Broken Door Frames & Damaged Walls? Check
✅ The Perfect Workout Option For Serious Upper Body Development & Strengthening? 

This is the perfect complement to your fitness routine: sculpt your arms, back, chest, triceps and abs into Greek God perfection. Enjoy the comfort of exercising at home with the best pull up bar ever. Easy to install.
1, Find a doorway or a hallway.
2. Remove the lock at both ends of the bar 
3. Rotate it until it presses tightly against the door frame.
3. Click the lock in & voila, you are ready to pump.

Made with heavy duty steel and multiple screws mounted in to provide for absolute safety and stability.


Material: High quality steel, PVC non-slip rubber gasket, foam handle Adjustable Width: 45.2-59 inches Max support: Up to 420lbs/190kg Color: Black + Orange / Black + Yellow Net Weight: 1.76kgAttention:1.Please confirm whether the door frame is solid or not before installation, hollow door frame may causing damage and it's also a security risk.2.Do not install the horizontal bar in the hollow glass objects or unsteady objects. Before installation, it is necessary to know that the installation environment and choose the appropriate distances to install the horizontal bar. Do not exceed the maximum installation distance.3.Gives the bar a few firm pulls before using to make sure it's securely installed and not loose.4.It is recommended to place an appropriately sized cushion underneath the bar for use.5.After a period of time, the bar should be re-checked for looseness.

Home Pull-up/Chin-up Bar
Home Pull-up/Chin-up Bar

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