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Seaqers™ - Original Propelled Shower Head

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The Original Viral Shower head

Seaqers™ uses Double-Skin Technology to enhance your shower experience by projecting high pressure water with it's integrated Turbine, which can be viewed through its polycarbonate glass housing.

125% Increase In Pressure

By projecting 200% more water pressure through more than 100 tiny laser cut holes, Seaqers™ Propelled Shower Head produces a sophisticated spray pattern, while keeping the perfect amount of gentle for your skin.


9 Layer Filtration 

Seaqers™ Propelled Shower Head includes 9 unique filtration layers in the shower that help give you the best shower experience. These layers help purify the water, remove heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals & harmful bacteria.

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How It Works

The Seaqers™ Propelled Shower Head is powered by water pressure. The better water pressure you have the better results you will get. So results may vary depending on the pressure you have. 

Seaqers™ - Original Propelled Shower Head
Seaqers™ - Original Propelled Shower Head

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