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Seaqers™ Wireless hair curler

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Curls or waves full of life in 5 easy steps

    • Start by combing your hair well and dividing it into strands of the desired thickness.
    • Adjust the temperature (from 150 °C to 200 °C), the curling time (from 8 to 18 seconds) and the direction of the curl (left or right) according to your needs. The longer you keep your hair on it, the more compact the curl you get.
    Place the end of the strand of hair in the opening of the curling iron, and then press the home button: the hair will be inserted.
    When you hear the beep, pull your hair out of the curling iron. Handle it a little and spray it with spray immediately to fix the effect.
      When all your curls are ready, comb them gently to get a natural look. And that's it!
      The ceramic coating of the curling iron ensures an even distribution of heat while curling: the hair does not overheat and is not damaged by combing it. The curls are full of shine!

      The automatic curling iron is safer than the standard curling iron, as there are no hot plates around which the hair is wound. There is also no risk of burns on the scalp.
      The curling iron itself will warn you with an audible signal when the curl is ready. Now you can get a curl even in 8 seconds!

      This curling iron is really smart! You can choose the direction of your curls: right for the right side of the face and left for the left side.

      This automatic curling iron is perfect for curling the hair on the back of the head, which is usually difficult to reach. The curls on the back of the head will look as good as those on the front!

      Our automatic curling iron is also suitable for short hair. Thanks to the automatic capture of the strands of hair, you will be able to curl the curls from the root!

      Charge the curling iron using the included USB cable and use it comfortably wherever you are, for example in the car :)
      You can also use your curling iron as a portable charger for the phone, so that it never turns off in a crisis situation.

      it's only 20cm long, so you can carry it in your purse or backpack. Straighten your hair at work, school or on the go!

      Seaqers™ Wireless hair curler
      Seaqers™ Wireless hair curler

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