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RC Stunt Car

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Take Over The Street with the RC Stunt Car

Experience the thrill of racing like never before with the RC Stunt Car. With 360-degree movement, impressive drifting capabilities, and a mesmerizing water-generated smoke display, get ready to unleash your racing skills and leave others in awe.

Why people love The

RC Stunt Car

👋 Hand Motion Control: With our innovative hand sensor & motion control, you become the driver. Effortlessly maneuver the car in any direction simply by moving your hand, allowing for a more immersive and exciting racing experience

🧭 360-Degrees Control: The RC Stunt Car is designed to perform incredible stunts with its ability to move in any direction, including forward, backward, left, right, and even diagonally. Explore endless possibilities and execute jaw-dropping tricks that will impress your friends and leave them wanting to join the action.

💨 Mesmerizing Nitros Spray: Prepare to turn heads with the car's cool water spray feature that creates a smoke display. Watch as the water spray billows out from the car, adding a captivating and visually stunning element to your racing adventures.

💪 Resilient & Versatile: Take the excitement beyond traditional racing tracks. The RC Stunt Car can handle various terrains, from smooth surfaces to rougher outdoor environments. Explore new locations, create custom tracks, and push the limits of your racing skills, all while enjoying endless fun and excitement.

RC Stunt Car
RC Stunt Car

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