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Seaqers™ Spine Stretcher

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A Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain & Improve Flexibility! 

What You Get!

✔️ Relieved chronic back pain
✔️ Relieved muscle stiffness
✔️ Relieves  nerve pain
✔️ Lower and upper muscle support
✔️ Corrects postural imbalances
✔️ Promotes relaxation according to the physiological curvature of your spine
✔️ Improves flexibility in your shoulder and back muscles

    Great For All Occasions!

    Why do I need this?

    Seaqers™ Spine Stretcher is a flexible device that allows you to set up 4 different stretch levels. When lying down, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards. The surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine and relieving tension and pain. You’ll be amazed how good it feels!

    To improve the effects, our back stretcher also uses 70 acupressure massage points to increase blood flow even more. Your spinal discs need the oxygen and nutrients this fresh blood provides to heal spine and relieve pain!

    Still not convinced? Check these medically proven benefits. 

    ✓ Reducing tension in muscles supporting the spine; tension in these muscles can worsen pain from any number of back pain conditions

    ✓ Improving range of motion and overall mobility

    ✓ Reducing risk of disability caused by back pain



    Seaqers™ Spine Stretcher
    Seaqers™ Spine Stretcher

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