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Color changing swimming shorts

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Blue -> Green
Purple -> Blue

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Stand out this summer with unique shorts no one's ever seen before! 

The Color changing shorts are the world's first color changing swim trunks. They react to different water temperatures to morph into shades that will never be exactly the same!

You automatically stand out in the sea of boring old swim trunks.

When every guy at the pool is wearing the same lame shorts, but you wearing something unique and different.

Changes colors based on water temperature; you'll never have the same shorts on

Unique - You'll be the only one with Color changing shorts at the beach or pool. 

Always changing - The colors switch every time you go into water with a different temperature. 

Thousands of colors You'll never be wearing exactly the same pair of shorts when you're in water.

High quality - The Color changing shorts are made of durable fabric that will last you a life time.


Color changing swimming shorts
Color changing swimming shorts

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