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Electric Crepe Maker Non stick Baking Pan Kitchen

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With hanging handle
non stick cooking plate for easy cleaning
swith with indicator light for operating
plate dimaeter 21cm
AC220-240V, 50/60Hz 650W

Material : Die Casting Aluminum
Color : White
Voltage : 220V-240V
Power 650W
Heating method : single sided heating

Size :
Length : 420mm
Width : 210mm
Height : 80mm
Cord length : 0.7m

Die Casting Aluminum

High quality die-cast aluminum can help you heat foods better.
Avoid food sticking oh the heater plat during heating
same time it also allows you to clean
its easier

Easy to clean just wipe with a clean towel ( DO NOT WASH DIRECTLY WITH WATER )

Instruction manual:

For the first use , wipe the surface of the wafer with adamp clothand wipe the surface of the eating disc with a brush dipper in oil or butter

Mix the flour eggs water, salt and oil slowly , stir wll the batter conventration is similar to that of thic, do not mix bubbles or pimple the effect is better when you place it in advance 1-2hours

Pour the batter into a special batter plate , connect the power, then idicator ligh will be lighten baking pan began to preheat 3minutes and it will be off then you can start baking,
turn the pizza over, tilt the batter into the batter plate and then make tha batter stick
to the batter olate, stop for 3seconds bring flip over on the table about 20seconds , cake surface color will change , it is done  Use a wooden shovel or chopstick to loosen the edges and pour into the dish.
size and capacity: The size is the right size It can be used at home or easily carried Compact Design
Does not require much space


Electric Crepe Maker Non stick Baking Pan Kitchen
Electric Crepe Maker Non stick Baking Pan Kitchen

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