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Adjustable Car Armrest

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Upgrade Your Car Armrest

Adjustable Car Armrest fit for most cars,  Universal for left and right sides


Adjustable Car Armrest is so flexible that you can put it anywhere you want it, including the car interior, indoors, sofa, chair, bedroom, and living room.


  • Compatible with MOST vehicle models (SUV, Trucks, Sedan, Hatchback, Van...), but NOT fit for the models with MANUAL TRANSMISSION, Mini SUVs, and MZD CX5.
  • This Adjustable Car Armrest comes with padding that helps keep secured while the gap between the console and seats is too big, you may use the pad to fill the gap up to help stay in place.
  • This Adjustable Car Armrest extender is so flexible that you can put it anywhere you want it, including the car interior, sofa, chair, bedroom, and living room...
  • Your arm, wrist even shoulder will get tired and painful after a long drive without support.
  • Some cars are too far back and your arms always hurt when driving. This armrest extension helps you work it out.
  • Some car models, like Ecosport, RAV-4, Pilot, etc., do not have armrests built into the driver seat, which means your right arm has nothing to rest on when driving on a trip, it is not that easy to live with that.
  • This armrest extension has an adjustable height, its armrest that can be adjusted to the height you want.
  • This car armrest box elbow support pad is made of PU leather and ABS plastic, soft and stable, can be adjusted, and is easy to install, you can swivel it to get the stuff inside easier.
  • This armrest has a great extra compartment storage box as well for your small stuff like a phone, wallet, cigarette, keys, coins, credit cards, pens, sunglasses, etc. handy and useful.

Rest Your Arm and Wrist:

This Adjustable Car Armrest is super helpful for long highway drives as it allows the driver to rest his right arm and wrist and to rest the passenger’s left arm and wrist. Not fit for vehicles with Manual Transmission, Mini SUVs, or CX 5.

Add Storage:

The Adjustable Car Armrest is a perfect fit for those owners who don’t have an armrest, it comes with a compartment storage box that has enough space to put your phone and other small items in as a drive

Handy and Sturdy:

The Adjustable Car Armrest is made of superb artificial leather material, convenient and comfy. Does not interfere with putting the seat-belt in, you can swivel it to make getting the stuff you have stored in it easier

Easy to Install:

The Adjustable Car Armrest extension fills in the gap between drivers’ seats and console armrest, it’s super easy to install, no drills, glue, or tapes are required, just put it right next to your seat belt, fill the seat gaps perfectly

Adjustable Height:

You can twist it and adjust it to fit your elbow height right, it helps you on driving when putting on the seat belt. Universal fit for most car trucks SUVs vans.

Package Include:

1x armrest box 


Color: Black
Box Size: About 23.5x8x8.5cm
Max height: 40cm.
Material: High-quality PU leather
Weight: About 1.1kg
Item size: As the picture show
Main Feature: Adjustable height
Adjustable Car Armrest
Adjustable Car Armrest

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