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Spin Duster

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Description: DUST IN NO TIME It is the revolutionary motorized duster that makes dusting faster, easier and more fun than you ever imagined! It is a battery operated duster that is lightweight, perfectly balanced and completely cord less. Just one push on the soft touch button and the will start to spin. Young and old can dust faster, and are also good for the disabled. GET DUST FIRST TIME EVERY TIME It uses static electricity and spinning action, all you have to do is wave it like a wand. As it spins fast, tens of thousands of dusting fingers create a static charge that holds and grabs the dust like a magnet making dusting faster! POWERFUL YET GENTLE Safe to use on all kinds of surfaces. Even on the most expensive antiques and Furnitures. Use it on blinds and curtain rails. Great for all your electronics, TV, DVD, game consoles, computers and keyboards. Clean shelves and books without having to move them. Clean stem wears or even vases with flowers. DUST HARD TO REACH AREAS Slides easily to every nook and cranny and even on spaces you hands can't get into. Conforms to intricate picture frames without any effort. Clean through blinds easily. Dust lampshades in no time. Dust fake flowers or in between tree branches inside your home. Dusting has never been so easy. FUN AND EASY TO CLEAN It gives you an uncontrollable urge to dust because it is very easy and fun. Buy one for your children as well to keep in their rooms and be surprised to see how often they dust their computers, study table and shelves. Clean up has never been easy. When you're done just rinse it under running water. Specifications: Brush 23(H)*6(W)cm Long Brush Head 26cm(H) Small Brush Head 20cm Extension Rod 20cm NOTE : Requires 4pcs AA batteries (not included) Package Included: 1*Motorized duster handle 2* Duster Heads 2* Extension Rod

Spin Duster
Spin Duster

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